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Domestic Recycled Ecopoints - Green Minute, RTP

19 Ago 2021
Domestic Recycled Ecopoints - Green Minute, RTP
Our domestic ecopoints are news on RTP's green minute!

With domestic ecopoints, developed and produced by our company, which has been in the market for more than 20 years, we have not only won the Lisbon City Council, but we have also been winning internationally renowned brands.

Our experience makes this project a success and exceeds expectations not only in the quality of the product but in the fulfillment of all stages of the process.

CONCEPTBAGS has the bag that communicates your brand identity.
A product not only functional in the daily transport of purchases, but also a means of communication and notoriety for your brand.
A meaningto communicate through conscious and socially responsible support - a more environmentally friendly approach.

With our domestic ecopoints it is easy to separate the garbage at home and be environmentally friendly.
Ecobags are made up of three reusable and recyclable bags. 

CONCEPTBAGS works with two different types of bags:


  • Bags produced with 100% recycled polypropylene raffia that are made from post-consumer recycled raw materials

  • Bags 100% produced with oceanic waste, namely marine ropes and end-of-life fishing nets, thus contributing to a cleaner coastline. CONCEPTBAGS is a pioneer in presenting different solutions and models of reusable bags to the market, produced using polymers from fishing nets and naval ropes.


CONCEPTBAGS expects to continue to expand its area of ​​operation in sustainability and environmental preservation programs.


Find out more about our ecobags here and you can find more news about this action here.