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Domestic Recycled Ecopoints

17 Aug 2021
Domestic Recycled Ecopoints
There is an increasing need to contribute to the existence of a sustainable environment, through practical solutions that fit into our daily lives. The recycling of domestic and urban waste is one of these solutions.

According to the order nº 7262/2020 of the Diário da República in Portugal, the government imposes the mandatory separation of bio-waste by companies until 2021, which will be extended to private individuals until 2023. The municipalities will inspect the fulfillment of the separation of the residues, being able to apply fines to those who don’t comply.

Aiming at this decree, Concept Bags presents a didactic and practical solution for an easier and more intuitive recycling: Domestic Ecopoints

Our Domestic Ecopoints are ultra light and have a great capacity to support weight and resistance - each bag supports up to 25kg in weight. In addition, they are made of waterproof and easy to wash material, and contain details that allow their use to be practical, such as pressing buttons (to hold the bags right).

All the materials used in the composition of each bag are 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, non-poisonous, AZO free and NON PVC. 

Concept Bags presents two different raw material options:

  • 100% recycled bags, produced using post-consumer recycled raw materials, using leftover bags and other plastics.

  • 100% recycled ocean bags, contribute to solving a problem that is increasingly present on our planet - ocean's pollution! They collaborate with the existence of a cleaner coastline and are produced through marine ropes and end-of-life fishing nets.
Both bags decrease the use and production of plastic bags, contributing to a better environment! They are composed of 100% recycled polypropylene and not virgin PP. 100% recycled bags are produced using post-consumer recycled raw materials, using leftover bags and other plastics.

Concept Bags guarantees you an effective, practical, highly resistant, functional, didactic solution ready to be part of a more sustainable and ecological routine. Our main objective is to offer a turnkey service, with no worries from the creative process to the respective delivery and that fulfills all your requirements. 

Choose the right ecopoint! Choose our Domestic Ecopoints - resistant, durable, customizable, washable and with an excellent quality / price ratio!

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