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Antibacterial Reusable Shopping Bags

16 Aug 2021
Antibacterial Reusable Shopping Bags

The most recent studies show that the food transportation could be related to the growth and spread of infections and bacteria. Concept Bags keeps its commitment, searching continuously for some innovative solutions and can now offer an Antibacterial Reusable Shopping Bags.

Through a collaboration developed with Biomaster, this technology resides in an antibacterial additive applied in the lining or in the material baths of the bags, this new solution will bring extra tranquillity due to the additional protection associated to each bag.

This technology works through silver ions, preventing the growth of bacteria and their subsequent transmission between the bag and the transported purchases.

Proven to be effective against most types of common bacteria that can cause food poisoning (including E. coli, salmonella and listeria) and through certification, it will prevent contamination and consequently the visits to medical and hospital facilities that we so want to avoid in the times in which we live.

Concept Bags guarantees you an effective communication product, fully personalized, functional, highly resistant and sustainable, capable of being part of your customers' daily lives. Not only helping in the groceries transport in an ecological way, but also guaranteeing some extra care and safety.

With the development of the product itself, we guarantee the study of an implementation strategy for your brand, being possible to explore the full potential of your new Reusable Bags.

We are available to develop your safe and healthy Reusable Antibacterial Shopping Bag! We propose a global approach, from the design, sample development, mass production to stock service and delivery to different addresses - a complete service to fulfil your business objectives!

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