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A bag that communicates your brand's identity

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  • eco-friendly
  • reusable
  • sustainable
  • customized
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bags have millions of reasons for you to have them.
We are specialists in the design and development of personalised reusable shopping bags, a unique communication vehicle for your brand! Functional, resistant and efficient, our bags are available in several customized formats, with the possibility of selecting reusable, recycled and recyclable raw materials. Our products are not only functional in the daily use and transport of goods, but are also a way to show and give notoriety to your brand. A way to communicate through conscious and a socially responsible support - a more ecological approach.
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Main benefits

Communication Vehicle

For Concept Bags, personalized shopping bags are much more than a way for their customers to carry groceries They are a billboard in constant motion, making your brand, values, campaign and services near and your daily customers. They are a billboard in constant motion, helping your brand values, products and services getting near your daily costumers. Can you imagine your corporate identity walking hand by hand with your customers, wherever they go? Think about the thousands of views you can get with just one bag on a shopping trip! An innovative way of communication and advertising support and with low cost!

Fully Customizable

The design and development of your personalized bag is developed from scratch, beginning with the choice of the format, material, design and all accessories. Everything is designed individually according to your needs and requirements: choosing the best model, material and which colours will better represent your client in the market. We guarantee high quality printing, that will make your design more realistic and attractive, also offering a bag capable of state your position and speak for your business.

Highly Resistant

Our custom shopping bags, that can be, polypropylene raffia bags, non-woven fabric, jute, cotton, RPet, or other materials, are developed according to the highest quality standards, which can mean between 3 to 5 years of durability with regular use. That means 10 times more than a plastic bag! In addition to being extremely robust, many of them also have the advantage of being easy to clean, which allows them to be used repeatedly while remaining clean, in perfect condition and without damaging the durability of the print.


The sustainable and ecological side of Conceptbags is what distinguishes us and makes us proud! We value the conservation of the environment and we challenge other brands to do the same, through conscious practices and behaviours. We believe that the use of our custom shopping bags is just one of the first steps on the road to a cleaner and fair planet. Being a sustainable brand is more than a brand value, it is a social responsibility and a commitment to the world.

Versatile and Functional

With the versatility of Concept Bags, sky is the limit. In addition to developing your fully customized model, totally designed for your brand and business, product or service, we also develop accessories, applications and extra details to meet your specific needs With more than 20 years of experience in the market, we collected several projects that gave us an unique sense of challenge and allowed us to develop special solutions for our clients.

domestic ecopoint conceptbags
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Some of our bags

Get to know some of the projects developed, the construction method, the materials used and the range of accessories that can be adjusted to your needs.

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This is our contribution.

We have avoided

grams of virgin plastic in the environment.


The production of our bags with recycled material prevents the introduction of more than 900 tons of virgin plastic into the environment.