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A bag that communicates your brand's identity

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  • eco-friendly
  • reusable
  • sustainable
  • customized
  • eco-friendly

bags have millions of reasons for you to have it.
We are specialist in designing and developing sustainable and reusable bags.
We design according to your brand’s identity. Conceptbags ensures an efficient, functional, resistant and eco-friendly communication support that intends to
help your clients transport their products. We also provide a vertical production system: the turnkey service.
We focus on providing our clients with the most appropriate solution to their needs.

benefits of greener solutions from concept bags

Communication vehicles
Communication vehicles

For us, reusable bags are much more than a way for your costumers to transport their daily shopping: they are the perfect vehicle for you to communicate your brand and services. Can you imagine your corporate identity going hand in hand with your clients everywhere they go? And what about thousands of potential buyers being the target of your marketing campaigns in a constant and permanent way?

Fully customizable
Fully customizable

We work on your reusable bag from scratch, and because we start developing your product on a black canvas - the possibilities are limitless. From the model that better fits your requirements, the colour that matches your brand identity or the materials you ask for, we are committed to design an exclusive and unique solution that speaks for your visual language.

Highly resistant
Highly resistant

Our bags are developed considering the highest quality standards: this can ensure 3 to 5 years durability with regular use (10 times more than a plastic bag). Washable and sturdy, the strength factor allows you to use and re-use your bag over and over again, keeping it clean and untainted.


The green side of our brand is one of the flagships we value the most: we call on the environment preservation by adopting sustainable and eco-friendly practices and behaviours, encouraging our customers to be part of a socially responsible society.

Versatile and functional
Versatile and functional

The sky is the limit: the versatility that comes with Concept Bags solutions, not only provides us with diverse models and shapes, suitable to any business area or service, but it also provide you different accessories and applications to meet the most particular requirements and wishes.

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Models Different sizes that suit the reality of your project.
Materials A set of quality materials that perfectly match your needs.
Construction Through numerous production options, we selected the one that most closely matches the customer's project.
Accessories Add the finishing touch that your bag needs! A range of accessories for every tastes and features.
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What makes us stand out

On the market since 2011

Our expertise has helped us understand market challenges and requirements.

Technical competence

We master the product entire life cycle, as well as its entire development up to the end of the production process.

Design focused on the client

We work closely with our clients to achieve the most satisfying solution.

Global production

Present in more than 30 countries worldwide, we ensure a full international coverage.

Logistics and supply chain management

We identify your real needs and offer a comprehensive service, including transport, stock management and delivery.


We meet all international regulatory standards by means of a restrict range of criteria allocated to our work procedures.

Main accounts

We work with the best for the best accounts in the world, creating strong trust-based relationships with our clients.

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