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We combine two key concepts: innovation and creativity.

For decades, the work developed in the shopping bags market brought us the urge to constantly discover new solutions for our customers. Each day, we search new possibilities, looking to improve our offer by presenting thoughtful and ambitious perspectives through Concept Bags.

Aesthetics and functionality. Together.

We launched Adapt collections inspired in customers who value their shopping as an experience, developing unconventional and original designs to create modern and contemporary bags. Working for brands with a sharp vision of improvement, we’ll go beyond the ordinary, presenting high-perceived models, made with passion and boldness.

A specialized team, unique and exclusive solutions.

You can think about Adapt as Concept Bags creative studio: along with our specialized designers and procurement teams, we propose timeless models with different vibes and languages, which can be designed in a constant conversation with our clients. We want you to take part on the creation process, leading us to unique and tailored collections, build together.

If shopping can be made with style, we bring modern functionality to your daily life.

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We present different models which may serve more than one purpose. Multifunctionality is, today, mandatory: Adapt bags may be the perfect ally to a grocery shopping, but also great for a weekend walk, carrying all you need.

Democratic design

Concept Bags is a brand made for everyone: we like to keep it that way. Even though our collections speak for a powerful and contemporary image, our goal is bringing you the style, at a fair and affordable price.

Development studio

More than our own conception of style, Adapt is a design laboratory, where we can work together, absorbing new brainwaves and inspirations to reach the next big idea.

Breaking news

Our collections were made to be daring: we’ll regularly launch brand new models and accessories, inspired in the most different themes and trends, ready to make a statement.

Differentiation in every Detail

High quality materials and functional designs

We gather different insights from all around the world, embodying urban concepts and trendy sources of inspiration, addressing an interesting match of quality and creativity into our collections.

Finding Solutions Together

We want you to be part of the team

Adapt may be called Concept Bags creative laboratory: our project began with a constant search for new solutions and experimenting original concepts. For us, learning to evolve is a permanent part of the process.

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